Adding About Me Page to Your Menu

See the following for information on how to add the link to your about me page.  When reading the directions, be sure to skip the steps that focus on creating a new menu if you already have a primary menu that is visible.

Adding Blog Pages to your Menu

I suggest you try to open a different browser (Edge, chrome, firefox, etc) and try again if you are having issues. I could not get this process to work on the lab computer, but had no problem at all on my laptop…



Allow Comments

I posted this on Blackboard, but I am repeating that post here. We will have a short amount of time in the lab tomorrow to look at this for those of you who need to change this. Hint: If you don’t have any comments, you probably have several “pending” that need to be approved.

o be sure that you can allow comments, you can follow this link.

Under the discussion tab, if you scroll down, you will also see a button for holding comments for moderation. Turn that setting off to allow comments.

Follow the information in this link to approve comments that have already been made.

Chapter 6 Lab

BE SURE TO SKIP GUIDED SETUP on the first screen. If you don’t you will run into problems.

If stupid adwords keeps trying to make you create an ad and put in your debit card, don’t do it! If you have entered your email address and are running into that, try going to this site.,3181080,3126923,

and clicking adwords with the the arrow near the top right of the screen. It should then open the campaign manager screen.


If after logging in to adwords you see this. Here are the steps that you need to take.

Click on tools then select keyword planner from the drop down menu.

Select Get search volume data and trends.


LinkedIn Assignment

You may have seen the LinkedIn assignment in your Blackboard page. I wanted to take a moment to outline some of the expectations for you.

  1. img_4673You need to create a LinkedIn profile. Most of you probably already have one, but if you do not, that is the first step.
  2. You need to establish links. I believe that in order to meet the expected profile completion, you need 50. 50?!?! It seems like a lot, but it really isn’t. LinkedIn will help you by offering suggestions. Hint: If you download the app and login there, LinkedIn can further help you find contacts.
  3. You need to achieve at least advanced completion rate on your LinkedIn account. You need to include information on your current position and location, your past jobs, your education, and your skills as well as a professional photo, etc.
  4. Post a screen shot of your level of profile completion to receive credit for this assignment. My screenshot came from the app because
    right now the profile completion is not available on my desktop version. Again, LinkedIn will give you suggestions on how to improve your rank.


Along with your blog post for the week, I would like for you to put a picture of yourself on your About me page. To do this, go to pages in the My Site menu and click on the about me page (it will likely be first on your list). Click featured image on the menu at the left.

If you are using certain templates, you may have to do it differently. WordPress offers a lot of customization, but with that you lose the standardization.

If you are doing this blog for a business and would prefer not to have a picture of yourself on the about me page, then add a picture of yourself to this week’s blog post.

Happy Blogging!

Share Your Social Media

Several of you have talked about your social media accounts on your blog. Why not link directly to your profiles? Click on the plugins link and then the plugin labeled social media. You can choose the location and include the stream from your twitter or Facebook if you would like.

Project Video

I have had a few questions about what type of content you should put in your videos. Remember, this projects required you to research a company, do a SWOT analysis, look at their existing social media, develop objectives, consider platforms in which they should operate, and consider what type of content they should post in those platforms over the course of a year.

So, you have a lot of options for what you want to include in the video, but here are some suggestions for things that you might not want to forget:

  • What is your company? Give me some information about who they are and what they do.
  • What are they doing on social media now? What are they doing well, what are they doing not so well?
  • Who are the competitors and what are they doing?
  • Who is the target market?
  • What are the objectives?
  • What platforms are you going to use and why?
  • What content do you suggest and why will it help you meet your objectives?

Wait…There’s a presentation?

It feels like a long time since the beginning of the semester. In that time, between all of your classes and other responsibilities, you may have forgotten that you have a presentation in here! So, it is my job to remind you. If you consult the syllabus, you will see:

Each student will be responsible for making a 5 minute presentation on current events in social media on a date assigned by the instructor. I will expect you to come to class prepared to talk about/show/explain some interesting phenomenon that you have seen, experienced, or researched related to social media, or some other “new” media idea. You must present on the date that you are assigned (assignments are made randomly) unless you make other arrangements ahead of time.

  • Presentations should be around 5 minutes long. You will lose points if it takes you an excessive amount of time to pull up your visuals as we are on a limited schedule with classroom. Be sure that you know your passwords, etc.
  • Your presentation should be professional, interesting and informative. Some type of presentation software is recommended to keep you organized.

I have suggested in your lab assignment for today that you visit the Real Future page. While this is not the only potential source for topics, there are many that are particularly interesting, and most have a video with them that you can watch to get some more information about the phenomenon. I will be posting a discussion board in the near future for you to post the topic that you would like to present.

Acing Your Group Project in 3 Easy Steps

Well maybe not 3 easy steps. Maybe not 3 steps. But here is some guidance on the why’s and how’s of this project assignment.

So the most dreaded time in the semester has arrived…group projects! While I know that projects require a lot of outside class effort, conflict resolution, and time management, I hope that this project will help you see some of the complications in trying to manage social media.

Why a social media marketing plan? We talked in Chapter 2 how it can be tempting for companies to dive into the social world without putting together any real strategy. Even some multi-billion dollar companies started out just dabbling in social media. Obviously, the landscape has changed and most companies recognize that social media is not a fad, but some companies are still struggling to find impact in their social media. So…if you think about it and put it on paper, there is a better chance that you are going find potential obstacles and opportunities. I am hoping that this exercise is going to make you consider always developing a roadmap for your ideas.

Why a social media audit? How can you know where you want to be if you do not know where you are? You cannot draw out a roadmap (marketing plan) until you observe your surroundings. This means not only finding the platforms in which the company operates and h0w many people like and follow them but also who likes them and how they interact with the content. Look back through the content and see what they are posting. With the last several posts how have consumers interacted with the information? I even encourage each of you to go to the pages and see how many of your friends like the page.

How many platforms? This is a great question, and one that I can’t answer completely. For the sake of the assignment I am going to say at least 4 so that you can experience multiple platforms. For most products this is probably a reasonable number to manage (think about the travs…snapchat, instagram, twitter, facebook). Both the target market and product are going to play a role in what types of content that you will post and what platforms are going to be most appropriate. At the end of the day, if you are not using the platform to regularly inform and interact with your customers, then you are probably doing more harm than good.

All of these mission statements….ugh! Look at the example in the guidelines. These mission statements are just one sentence explanations of the personality that you want the specific platform to convey. It is always going to be better to vary your information across platforms. Sometimes it may be the same information…just in a different way. The mission statement for the platform should guide that content.

Content, content, everywhere. I want you to think long term–over the course of a year, what type of content would be relevant and interesting. But, I need to keep this assignment reasonable, so I can’t ask you to line item a year’s worth of content. So, I want you to consider a year and give me some examples of the type of content that you would post in each month. This is likely best managed using a chart of some sort where you break it down by year and platform. I do not want only a single example for the month. I want you to give me 3-4 samples of content in each platform. What types of photos, videos, relevant information that you can share, contests, etc can you come up with over the course of the year to keep your customers connected? Also consider expectations on how often you believe that information should be shared in each platform (twice daily, daily, biweekly, etc).

You can use this link to find instructions to set up a custom calendar in Excel. When customizing, you can outline content by month.  Create a custom content calendar


Whew.. I’m tired for now. I will give more updates as more questions arise.

And happy FALL BREAK!!